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Eleven Volunteer Opportunities

Eleven Volunteer Opportunities

1. Teaching – Teachers are needed for reading, math, arts and crafts, sports, IT, counseling, drama, and several other areas.

2. Work at an Orphanage – Volunteer at an orphanage and use your talents and skills. Share the gift of love and show these children that you care

3. Building Maintenance – Working as a building maintenance volunteer involves some carpentry, painting, plumbing, or other general construction work. Many schools and other buildings located in some of the poorest neighborhoods have leaking roof and bathrooms, or they may need desks or chairs repaired. Peeling walls also need painting.

4. Volunteering with Disabled Children – Schools and homes provide services for the blind, the deaf, and those with physical challenges. They need help learning new skills and techniques used by the developed world. Play with them, do drama or craft-making, or just engage them in sports.


Health Care Volunteer – Opportunities are available in hospitals, cancer hospices, and centers for HIV/AIDS. Many sick or terminally ill persons need help with feeding or just someone to talk to. Just reading to them or holding their hands and showing them that you care is sometimes all that is needed.

6. Career Guidance Volunteer – If you are an entrepreneur or have professional skills, there are many opportunities available to attend a school and hold a discussion on options in your area for career choices. Many students need help in making career choices, especially for non-traditional careers.

7. Coaching – Children who live in children’s homes or poor communities are rich in talent but lack the coaching to develop their skills. Be a coach and give them the feeling of being a winner.

8. Volunteer and Give Children a “Treat” – Many poor children and those living in children’s homes have never been to the theater or had a formal dinner in a restaurant. Take a group to the theater to see a local play or go to a nice restaurant.

9. Collect and Distribute Gifts – Collect gifts of clothes, books, and school supplies in your community and bring them to schools or children’s homes here in Jamaica.

10. Volunteer by Holding Workshops – If you are a professional or have a skill, do workshops and pass on your knowledge to others. Many teachers in secondary education and trade training schools can benefit from your knowledge of the latest technological development in their area.

11. Help Develop a Computer Department – Many schools in Jamaica need to set up an Internet department or need computer support. If you have expertise in setting up a database or know about software development, there are numerous areas to serve.



Volunteer Maldives is committed to making a real and tangible difference to these warmand friendly communities – which sometimes need a little help!When you travel with us you can rest assured that the work you do will directly benefit the islanders that have been identified by these local communities and the NGO’s we work with.

All of our partners are based in the local community. They are in partnership with Volunteer Maldives rather than employed by Volunteer Maldives. When you travel with us, you will stay in locally run accommodation/homes and travel on locally owned transport.In this way we can ensure that the part of your placement fee assigned for transport and accommodation goes directly into the local economy. That means that before you’ve even lifted a finger on your project, you’ve already made an important contribution to the local economy.

Our volunteers will live in the heart of the communities, in basic home stay accommodation as part of the family, or some islands have specific accommodation just for volunteers.

As part of the ‘Maldives’ experience, you’ll eat local food, use local transport, and definitely do as the locals do! You’ll find the islanders will take great care of youand welcome you into their community where activities on your days off will include asisland hopping, snorkelling, go to deserted sandbanks for picnics, venture your for a spot of night fishing then come back and barbeque your fresh catch – such a unique experience you’ll not find in too many places in the world!

We offer a variety of exciting and fun projects from Teaching/ Teaching Assistant places: – This is a wonderful way to engage with the children.  Help them improve their English language skills, do fun creative activities with them, motivate and inspire them!

Sports are enjoyed by people the world over, and Maldivians are no exception! It’s still one of the best ways to unite people, creating strong community spirit and forging lifelong friendships.

Our sports programs have been very successful, with more to be implemented next year, working with new islands and NGO’s.

Volunteer Maldives works alongside local coaches who are either part of a youth and sports group, or work within schools.

Whether teaching aerobics, badminton, volleyball, football, dance – a myriad of opportunities await volunteers with lots of energy and enthusiasm to inspire the youth – and to get the more mature islanders moving also!

Fire Department Job – Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Fire Department Job – Become A Volunteer Firefighter

So you want to become a volunteer firefighter. Most likely, you need to become one for your full firefighting completion certificate. You can only have it when you have already served as a volunteer firefighter maybe for several months. Well, you can be a volunteer firefighter. It is not that hard to become one but it is challenging to actually look for a good fire department to be a part of.

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But of course, you will eventually find a good fire department and if you have personal attributes of a good firefighter you will be a part of it, serving as a volunteer firefighter. You must be flexible, determined, confident, have ability to communicate well, and have integrity to be a part of a good fire department.

You will only be a certified firefighter when you already have your full firefighting completion certificate.

And to have your firefighting completion certificate you need first to be in a fire department and serve as a volunteer firefighter maybe for several months. Thus, just be patient when looking for a good fire department. You have to for your full firefighting completion certificate.

You can go over the Internet for some good fire departments where you can be a part of. Spend an hour or so exploring the Internet and you will surely find some. If you find it hard to access the Internet, you can just go to a news stand near your place for some news papers. Some fire departments may have announced they are in need of a good volunteer firefighter via news papers. Buy some news papers and check if there are good fire departments in need of a good volunteer firefighter.

Good luck to you. Just be patient when going over the Internet or checking out some news papers and you will surely find one good fire department to be a part of and you will have that full firefighting completion certificate you badly need.

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