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Organization Of London

Organization Of London
As with many of the major metropolises of the world, London has several ways of being divided into boroughs and districts. Some of these are more official, pertaining to city planning, while some are based upon more popular conceptions of different areas of town. Officially, Greater London is comprised of 32 different districts in addition to the historic City of London, and many of these districts are named after villages that have been integrated into the metropolis. For the average person who finds themselves in London, however, there are some informal designations that quite easily allow one to get to know the city.

The historic City of London, now in the centre of Greater London, is the main financial and business centre of not only the UK, but the world (alongside New York). Home to the London Stock Exchange and the Bank of England, only the wealthier members of the UK can afford to live in this area.

Tourists to the city are usually much more interested in the famed West End of London, home to the entertainment and night life of the city. Located within the City of Westminster, the major theatres, art galleries and shopping centres of London can be found in this district. Moving further out of the central city, West London is home to the grandest and most expensive homes in the city.

Limitations to outward expansion of London have lead to the regeneration of different districts. Most notably, the Canary Wharf area now competes with the City of London to be the main financial hub. Old warehouses and factories have been demolished to make way for hotels in Docklands, and some Docklands hotels and flats took up residence in the historic buildings.

Despite the multitude of official boroughs within Greater London, the more basic and informal designations of the city’s regions give a better understanding of what type of focus and interests can be found within the ever-changing boarders.