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Volunteering in India

Volunteering in India

The great thing about choosing to volunteer in India is that there are so many different opportunities. This means that no matter the type of volunteering experience you are looking for you’ll be able to find something that suits.

Life in India is very different to our fast paced, busy lives and so volunteering in this country gives you the chance to be helpful towards people that really need it as well as adding fantastic experiences to your life.

You could live as part of an Indian family and help them with their day to day tasks. This means that you’ll be involved with preparing food, sharing the work load and even taking part in any local festivals that may be taking place in the time that you are there. You can also share language skills, swap your English language knowledge with their Hindi know-how, so that everyone benefits from the time that you are volunteering.

Work that you can take part in during your time volunteering in India includes admin work, planting and gardening or even construction work.

This means that you can take your existing skills and experiences and put them to good use.

There are other projects that you could give your time too – including teaching English in schools or arranging for local children to get involved in local sporting activities. A lot of it will be down to using your own initiative in order to see what the area needs and what you can do/give them that will really benefit.

Once there you will be able to work with other people also volunteering the area. This means you can team up and combine resources to give the people of India the help that they so desperately need.

There are not usually any set tasks or schedules because the things that benefit each area are so different. The only thing you can be sure about is that you will come away from this worthwhile experience with a new outlook on life and very grateful that you went and took the timeout to help people when they needed it by volunteering in India.

Tips for volunteering India

Tips for volunteering India

There are many people who for the sake of exploring south east Asia are volunteering in India.  If you are one of those then here are few tips for you that will help you stay safely in the country. The tips are given below and are as follows:-

Don’t commit too much: – Being a volunteer in India is quite a fun. However, sometimes working in s hot and humid region will drain you out. It is very important that you actively manage the amount of work that you can do.
Be careful with what you eat: – Indian foods are quite spicy and oily. During your initial days try to stay away from such things. Don’t consume non-vegetarian food and try to maximize your yogurt intake. Be careful with water and make sure it’s from bottled sources. Food is good but don’t experiment with it too much.
Traffic is a real mess: – Traffic in India is one of the most nosiest. Honking is quite normal. There are many unimaginable things that you will find on the roads such as cows, beggars etc. Stay at a safe distance from them. Don’t try to touch or move cows, they are considered auspicious there. Keep a distance from beggars and don’t easily give any money or food to them.
Cover yourself: – Shorts, t-shirts, minis should be completely avoided. Go for clothes which are comfortable and cover yourself to the maximum extent. India is a conservative country and women there don’t enjoy much freedom. Society in this country is mostly male dominated, so don’t be too adventurous with your dressing.
Always bargain before making the purchase:- If you are not shopping in any authorised retail shop try to bargain as much as possible. The bargaining level should be more intense in smaller shops. Don’t ever pay the amount the shopkeeper asked you for. Tell them you have been living in this country for a while and know every trick of theirs. This may help you in getting things at much cheaper price.

Learn a few Hindi words: – There are many languages spoken in India. You do not need to learn every one of them. However, Hindi is the most popular and spoken language. Learning a few basic words in Hindi will make the experience easier.