Chicago Sun-Times Scholarships

Chicago Sun-Times Scholarships

Chicago sun-times scholarships are designed to help students interested in journalism and they are funded by Chicago sun-times. Scholarships are given to the students who apply for the program after fulfilling the specific requirements set for this program. If you are a resident of Chicago for last five years or you have recently graduated from one of the Chicago high schools, you can apply for this funding option. However, if you find all this interesting you can gather complete information about the funding options sponsored by Chicago sun-times and then go through them.


Read the requirements along with the guidelines and instructions for the scholarship programs thoroughly so that you get an idea about the program and the facilities it is going to provide if you win the award money. Some of the scholarships are intended to help minority students.

If you belong to any such group, see whether your group is included in the list or not. Do not get disturbed or disheartened when you are searching for scholarships and you get negative results initially. You can narrow down your search and look for some general options also. Contact the financial aid office of your institute and find whether there are financial aid options available or not.


If you are interested in Chicago sun-times scholarships, find the qualifications for the scholarships first. Find the eligibility requirement and fill out the application form only if you find confident about fulfilling the prerequisites. Your application will get accepted only when you fulfill the requirements set for that particular scholarship program. Gather complete information about the scholarship in which you are interested beforehand. Read the instructions thoroughly and understand what the sponsor is trying to ask. Try to impress the panel and get selected for the award money.


When you are applying for scholarships funded by private resources, you should keep in mind that there are various factors that work behind helping you win the award money. One of them is that you need to impress the panel with your qualities and manner of applying too. If you apply for Chicago sun-times scholarships in an organized way you can impress the panel.


Volunteering Abroad And Travel Warnings

Volunteering Abroad And Travel Warnings
Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. ~Author Unknown. Since the beginning of this year, there have been political and natural problems in a number of countries. The problems have been spread throughout the globe. First there was unrest in Ivory Coast due to the elections they had, second were the floods in Australia and Brazil and lately there has been unrest in the Arab nations (Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon). Some of these situations are predictable for example there is bound to be trouble when travelling to a third world country during an election year. It is easy to foresee problems in such scenarios, but there some which take the whole world by surprise. A good example is what is going on in the Arab world where they are fighting for democracy and also the natural disasters in Australia where few knew the floods would bring so much trouble. As a volunteer in a foreign country these problems are compounded in that; the country is no longer safe; communication in to and out of the country could be halted, the internet could be blocked; media black outs and a curfew could be imposed in the said country. When choosing the country to go to care has to be taken to avoid being in such a situation. A couple of tips to help you choosing a country to volunteer in

Travel bans and advisory

Every government tries to protect its citizens by giving out travel advice on countries. In each government there is a foreign affairs arm that looks into what is going on in the world. They get updates from every part of the world. They monitor what goes on in every country and when there is a hint of problems they advice their citizens. On their publications and announcements, they warn their citizens on which countries to avoid. For example there is Know Before You Go campaign, which is from England, Canada has Foreign affairs and International Trade and the USA has Bureau of Consular Affairs. They all have alerts on certain countries and they each have a different valuation of the risk in the countries. Currently there is a general ban on travelling to countries in the red sea region. When picking a country to go to, it is advisable to visit the governments website to see how safe the country you are going to go to is.


Reading and watching news of a country is the best way to be informed. In this day and age there are a lot of sources of News. There is the internet, newspapers, magazines; and televisions all these are sources of News and current events. Although the media channels could be exaggerating what is going on the ground, they are the one of the best sources of information. Keeping abreast with current news of the country will help you to pick the best country to go to. In the news the volunteers will learn about the major things that are happening to the country that they will be going to.

Country profiles

The volunteers who are picking a country which could have security risks, they should have a look at the country profiles. Every country has been listed and there is a measurement to see which country is the safest to travel in. The country profiles are regularly updated and give a sense of how safe the country. The country profiles describe headline facts and figures about the population, capital city, and currency. Then briefly outline the geography and recent history, current politics and economic trends

Travel agencies

The volunteers who choose to use volunteer travel organizations are better placed to get information on a country. The volunteer travel organizations have their employees on the ground and they have first hand information on what is going on. With this information they can help to advice you which countries are safe to go to. They will have first hand information from the ground and will inform the volunteers accordingly. The best part of using travel organizations is that in case of an emergency while the volunteer is abroad is that they have contingency plans. They will help you get out of a tricky situation.

Volunteer abroad awards

Volunteer abroad awards

There are various awards given to international volunteers to recognize their contribution. These awards are given to volunteers who have done work that has the hugest impact in the organization they are working in. Also these awards recognize the various projects that give back the most to the society. The rewards are from private and public organizations, learning institutions, and some volunteer service companies. The awards are in the form of trophies, scholarships, financial grants and certificates. Most volunteer organizations issue out certificate of participation as well as recommendation letters. Not all international volunteers are eligible for these awards. The awards criteria depend on the organization that issue them.  Most of them also have an application procedure to the organization to make them aware of the work that the volunteer is doing.

The rewards are not for financial gain or personal benefit but to acknowledge the work the international volunteer has been doing and to encourage others to do so.



Photos and blog posts


Photo and blog posts are the most common awards that are given to international volunteers. Volunteers who are abroad could take very good photos and send them to various companies and websites. The photos and blog posts are sent to magazines, websites and online publications. The rewards for this kind of competitions are: being featured in their magazine, financial compensation, certificates and recognition. Some volunteer service companies have these kinds of competitions whereby they promote the best photos or blog posts.  They financial rewards could go as high up to $ 500 to $ 1000 for the best photos.



University and college awards


There are some colleges and universities who offer awards to their students who have volunteered abroad. Universities like James Madison University, Concordia University and University of Calgary recognize students who go abroad and help communities. Universities and colleges are proud of the students who involve themselves in community service or extracurricular activities apart from books and academic participation. Such institutions fosters an all round individual who have more to give back to the society. The awards are in the form of scholarships, individual recognition, funding of programs in which the students are participating in, certificates and trophies. The rewards are for the undergraduate students and postgraduate. The people who are eligible for such awards are the ones who are enrolled and alumna of the colleges and universities.



Charity awards


There are charities that also recognize individuals who go abroad to help the needy. The charities could be religious institutions, nonprofit organizations, for profit organizations and companies who invest in corporate social responsibility. These charities could also fund the volunteer work and the stay in the project location. There are various charities which reward guys who volunteer abroad for example Charity awards, African Impact, Volunteer Capital Centre and Volunteer Service Overseas . To be eligible for these awards you have to enroll with the charity, and be an active member. The awards are in the form of scholarships, certificates, recognition and funding of projects.



Local organization awards


Apart from rewards from charities and societies, the volunteer who are abroad could win awards in the nonprofit in which they are working for. The nonprofit or not for profit organizations are at the grass root level and they are the ones who work directly with the local people. They are the ones who come up with programs and projects for the volunteers to work in. since most of the local nonprofit organization have little resources the awards are not in the form of financial rewards, but they are certificates, trophies and public recognition of the work they did. Every organization has different rewards to give to the volunteers who work with them.






Divorce Lawyer Chicago

Divorce Lawyer Chicago

For around 30 years, I have been providing skilled and personalized authorized services to the Chicagoland community. I am proud of the client relationships that I have established through this period. Most of my purchasers are referrals from other happy clientele and their buddies, relatives and business enterprise associates. I try to provide each and every consumer with the most practical legitimate answer for their precise dilemma at the most affordable price. I have obtained dozens of thank you letters from happy clients acknowledging the fantastic lawful guidance that they have obtained from me. I would be happy to consult with you concerning your particular predicament, and to offer you my technique for your success.

I am a member of the Illinois, Chicago, and Dupage County Bar Associations, and am also admitted to practice in the United States District Court docket for the Northern District of Illinois.

I have represented hundreds of women and men in divorce, dissolution of marital relationship, parentage and paternity matters, child support, visitation issues, custody and alter of custody and pre/post nuptial agreements.

As a compassionate attorney who has experienced divorce and visitation problems, I will take the time to clarify your alternatives and the financial ramifications of your choices. I will address your distinct issues promptly and professionally and I think that I can aid you have a a lot more positive expertise with this complex legitimate procedure.

Wedding is an essential basis of social organization and is regarded as as the foundation of necessary lawful rights and obligations. Annulment is a legal declaration that a spousal relationship is invalid and that it by no means existed. Annulments are rare and are granted only in really particular circumstances, such as a party’s not meeting minimum amount age requirement for relationship.

Underage Matrimony

In the United States, all but a person express demand that a person should attain the age of 18 decades in order to marry with out parental permission. Nebraska sets that age at 19. Some states permit spousal relationship beneath the minimum age, with courtroom approval, in circumstances of pregnancy or the birth of an illegitimate child. Even though a marriage of underage events may possibly be void, it can be validated by parental consent in some says.

A relationship with an underage particular person normally is void if the defect exists at the inception of the marital relationship. Courts might annul the marital relationship if either party is beneath the authorized age to marry. In says wherever the minimum amount age for relationship is eighteen many years, an action for annulment should be brought just before the underage spouse reaches his or her 18th birthday. A marital relationship involving an underage get together could possibly grow to be ineligible for annulment if the parties’ voluntary cohabitation continues following the underage man or woman attains the age of consent.

From your Divorce Lawyer Chicago: Jurisdiction to Annul Underage Marriages

From your Divorce Lawyer Chicago: Some states grant courts jurisdiction to annul marriages in which a person of the parties was a minor at the time of spousal relationship. This rule has been applied by some courts when the residents of a person state move to another state to marry and then return to their unique condition. In other says, the courtroom of the parties’ unique express can’t annul the relationship if it was permitted under the point out law where by the ceremony was carried out.

From your Divorce Lawyer Chicago: Being underage does not guarantee a suitable to annul; annulment is in the court’s discretion. An underage spousal relationship is voidable if it is performed with the consent of the parents and remains in force till dissolved by the court.

Mісrоsоft Grеаt Plаіnѕ: Chiсаgo ERP Mаrket Ovеrvіew

In this ѕmаll аrtiсle wе will rеview Chісago ERP market: Chісаgo wіth ѕuburbs, Nоrthweѕt Indiаna, dоwnѕtate Illinоіs аnd St. Luis. Let us bеgіn with small іntroduсtіоn.

Mісrosoft Buѕіnesѕ Solutions has reсently renamed іtѕ produсtѕ – nеw unifyіng brаnd namе will be Mісrоѕoft Dуnamics. Project Greеn should end up іn іnterfасе unіfіcatiоn аnd рrоbably databaѕe mеrgіng fоr all fоrmеr рroductѕ (Grеаt Plaіnѕ, Nаvіѕion, Axaptа, Sоlomon) – but obvіouѕlу аt thіѕ рoіnt nobоdy knоws thе dеtails. Sо, wе wіll be dеаlіng with Mіcrоsоft Dynаmicѕ GP, Micrоѕоft Dynаmiсѕ NAV, Mіcrosoft Dуnаmicѕ AX, Micrоsоft Dуnamісs SL аnd Miсrosоft Dynamісѕ CRM.

Let’ѕ gо tо the toрic аnd cоnsider thе spеcіfісs оf Chicаgо Mіd-West rеgіоnаl mаrket:

о Dоwntown Chiсаgо busіnеѕsеs: Here we ѕее Fіnanсiаl, Hosріtаlitу, Rеcruitіng & Pаyrоll оutsоurcing, Retаіl heаdquartеrѕ, Dіѕtributors, Non-for-prоfit, Governmеnt (Coоk сountу оffіces), Exchаnge & Brоkеrаgе. All theѕe buѕіnessеѕ аnd оrganizаtіоnѕ аrе vеrу goоd рrоspеctѕ fоr Mіcrosoft Grеat Plаins, wе will talk abоut imрlеmеntаtion chаllеngеѕ bеlow

o Chiсаgo Suburbs, St. Luіs, Nоrthwеst Indіanа buѕinesѕeѕ. Thіѕ regіоn ѕpеcializes in dіѕtribution: metalѕ, rесусling, trаnѕportatiоn & lоgіsticѕ, light finаl assemblу & manufаcturіng. St. Luіѕ rеgion has Oil & Gaѕ fаcilitіеѕ: Oіl Rеfinеriеs, Pоwer Plantѕ, etc. Dоwnѕtatе Illinoiѕ has mаnufасturіng рlants: mасhinеry, сhemiсals, auto asѕеmbly (Roсkford area)

o Sprіngfiеld. Gоvernment offіceѕ plus non-рrofit organіzatіоnѕ: loаn procesѕing fоr farmеrѕ, rurаl cоmmunitieѕ, аgriсulture, etс.

о Great Plaіns ERP. Aѕ уou ѕhоuld еxpeсt, nоwаdауs ERP requіres cuѕtomіzatіon аnd аltеrіng to fit unique businеѕs nееdѕ and cоnsіderіng the speсіfіc оf Chісаgоland you ѕhоuld еxpect Sеrviсеѕ, Finanсе & Diѕtrіbutіоn modulеѕ аnd custоm ріecеs for Mіcrоѕоft Dynаmiсѕ Great Plаins: Servісе Mаnаgement Suitе, іntegrаtion wіth Miсrosoft CRM Saleѕ & Sеrvіcе, Trаnѕpоrtatiоn & Lоgiѕtiсs custоm ріесеs: ѕеttlеmеnt reроrt, bіll of lаdingѕ

o Lеgacy Aррliсаtіonѕ Integrаtiоn. Chiсаgo аrea
businesses ѕhould bе сonsіdеrеd aѕ trаdіtіonal аnd eѕtablіshed оneѕ, thiѕ іs nоt а Calіfornіа hіgh tесh arеа (hоwеvеr Roсkford is trуing to attract hіgh teсh busіnеsѕеs). Yоu might neеd Mіcrosoft Accesѕ, Unіx, Linux, Jаva/EJB, Orаclе, SAP, Sіebеl, IBM Lotus Notеѕ/Domіno, DBII applісаtions integrаtion and heterоgeneouѕ reроrting

o Dеxtеrity Cuѕtоmizаtiоnѕ. Thiѕ іѕ verу раіnful question – we know that mаnу buѕineѕѕеs had kіnd оf renaіssanсe timе at thе end оf XX centurу and thіѕ waѕ tіmе whеn уou were ѕоld a lot of Greаt Plaіnѕ сuѕtomіzatiоns: Dеxtеrіtу, VBA/Mоdifіеr, ReроrtWriter, VB, ASP. In order tо recover аnd upgrade thesе custom ріеces уоu nееd tо find Microѕоft Busіnеsѕ Solutions Grеаt Plains Pаrtner who hаѕ acceѕs tо Grеаt Plаins Sourсe Code (DYNAMICS.DIC wіth Dextеrіtу ѕсrірts)