Manchester City crisis! One location Titans have no one available to play only three games before in

! Manchester City has no one available at a position of crisis Titans played only three games before injuries HD: Manchester City wing injuries wearing an oxygen mask carried out of the bar of God top cow opponents
With a flash in the pan

Tevez, Manchester City win home to Swansea, successfully got the three points. But Mancini is probably not happy how the team played only 90 minutes unexamined, Richards still end the game seriously, so the Blue Moon Army long injury list in the addition of a new member. More Premier League news >>

79 minutes, Richards without any physical contact in case of fall to the ground, because of cramps England fullback had received a brief treatment, so the injury did not cause too much attention, Swansea The players are not the end it passed out of bounds. Wait until Routledge shot off the post, the audience found Richards covered his right knee, face is extremely painful, Manchester City quickly stepped forward to seeing the doctor fixed the wound, rushed to hospital after their oxygen.

due to an ankle injury at the Olympics, Richards in the early part of the season on hanging LBJ-11 mianzhanpai until October was declared comeback, the results just played three games in turn re-injury, according to the situation in terms of injury, Richard I am afraid that in turn is hereby long-term absence. In the end after Richards, Manchester City has no genuine right back on the bench, Mancini only let Kolo – Kolo Toure temporary guest in this position. In fact, Manchester City reserves the right back position is quite rich, Zabaleta, Maicon, Richards are international class players. But Maicon in the Champions League with Real Madrid injured, so far more than a truce in January, Zabaleta is a hamstring problem, when the comeback is still unknown.

right back crisis is just a microcosm of their injury Manchester City this season, the first round of the league, it is definitely the main Aguero back injury fate, training more than a month back. Aguero return shortly playmaker Silva has contracted the “FIFA virus”, injured in behalf of the Spanish national team, the absence of the Champions League with Ajax battle of life and death, making the team before the games rudderless, in leading tragic reversal of the excellent situation. In addition, Manchester Lebron 11 Basketball Shoes City also shorthanded in the avant-garde position, due to the two new aid Rodwell and Harvey – Garcia can not play, Yaya – Toure and Barry no holiday opportunity Toure is played All Champions League matches and, under such a frequent schedule, Ivorians significantly affected, outstanding performance far above the season.

In fact, in many cases this wounded, is the most proven ability to coach. Last season Manchester United 39 passengers were injured, the total number of days up to ruce, but Sir Alex Ferguson frequent master, fight against Canzhen and Manchester City to the final round of the league. But compared with Ferguson, Mancini’s ability to command is very much flattered by the Italian campaign and then a Hunzhao, Kolarov prerequisite to the left of the avant-garde, but also once it is transposed to the right, which makes born fullback Kolarov completely get lost, it was replaced sleepwalking halftime. Which team again if there is an injury, then the main to Mancini’s ability is concerned, I am afraid that is powerless, hard to compete with other giants championship trophy.

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After News Skrtel Liverpool away temporarily plugged Qiangdian break 22Aguero forty million pounds i

News – plug Qiangdian break after Skrtel Liverpool 2-2 away temporarily

Beijing on March 22 evening 23:00,20mier League season’s first 3 war in the Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff City against both newly promoted team and the Reds Liverpool. After 4utes, Skrtel received Kudiniao winger plug Qiangdian ball into Liverpool equalized again, this is the first five league goals this season Skrtel . label describes Beijing evening of March 22 23:00,20mier League season, the first 3 war in the Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff City against both newly promoted team and the Reds Liverpool. The first 4utes, Paul
> Aguero forty million pounds to join Inter Milan Manchester City Manchester City Carlos Tevez infinitely close to dishing out adidas ghost 2 generous again to 40 million pounds price Aguero from Atletico introduced. The 40 million worth of football in England, second only to Chelsea last season, Torres.

In fact, for Aguero battle is every summer schedule of drama, Aguero unparalleled technology and make a lot of sense of smell in front of his wealthy long coveted, and warm personality, he is more calm Unlike other South American players as Fanglangxinghai, to stir up trouble. And in Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona and other despots for his infighting, mutual Bo wrist while Aguero made his own choice, he chose to set foot on the City of Manchester Stadium, joined the Premier League upstart “Blue Moon” Manchester new basketball shoes City.

For results Aguero joined Manchester City, most people certainly think the horse son also fell into the eyes of the money, after all,

Spurs Heat Big Three consecutive finals rendezvous scores lift GDP by 2014 experts predict a new cha

Spurs Heat Big Three consecutive finals rendezvous GDP scores lift Spurs win a new chapter Duncan Durant Thunder Record hot shot point data survey parade June 1, 2014, NBA playoffs continue. Thunder beat Spurs 112-107 road, with a total score of 4-2 to enter the finals, and the Heat once again join forces. Heat again met the Spurs, which is a continuation of last year s finals, which will undoubtedly increase in the number of both the duel to watch. Spurs achieve revenge, or the Heat once again marching body Spurs win the championship? In the 2013 Finals, the Spurs and the Heat battle the seven games, the Heat eventually won the thrilling victory. When the sixth in the series finals in the history of the birth of one of the most cl ic moments, a magical three-pointers against the Heat Ray Allen will match into a plus, and eventually won. Then the two sides tiebreak, the Heat won the championship. Spurs hand the championship trophy so fly, this thing has become a combination of GDP hearts forever regret. Now the two teams meet again in the finals, the Spurs let such a thing again? Heat it? They certainly do not want to fall again like last year in the p ive position, but the safety of the whole of won the trophy again. In addition to this encounter last year, the Spurs also had had a fight with James in the finals in 2007. At the time James Wong Cavaliers still just temporary outcrop angle. In the final four games of the Spurs easily beat James, from now won a recent championship trophy. East experts predict that in 2014 less potentially alarming events: rockets or traded away Harden January 3, ESPN basketball invited five experts on the amazing event that will take place in 2014, predicted, which experts Strauss It seems that the rocket will be traded away Harden, in exchange for some of the chips can increase the depth of the team and a high pick in the draft the following five experts are predicting this and related commentary: Adande: to some degree Bobcats will make the playoffs, even if their number one star Kemba – Walker so far this season, shot only 41 percent before today Bobcats and Clippers game this season, Walker has missed 304 shots, this. A data Bilebulang – more than 110 times, James Arnold Horowitz: Jason – Collins will have the opportunity to participate in an NBA regular season after Collins announced that he was a homosexual, but since the end of last season, he has so far. However, because none of the opportunity to get to play some of frontcourt players injured, and some contracts are not guaranteed to be cut by the team players, before the All-Star Game, Collins probably will be able to join a team Danny – week.: uming the Bobcats can get eastern ranked sixth or higher, they will not only be expected to win on the first playoff victory in franchise history, and even expected to go further. factor in winning or losing aspects aside, the Bobcats are so far this season in the Eastern Conference One of the few great importance to team defense Stern: big players will probably stop the tide of injuries, but I know this is not really a prediction league plagued by injuries in recent players are knights. Owen, an interview he said he feels the situation is not good, seemed to hear the sound of the current knee Owen Knight has included daily watch list Strauss: Rockets will trade James – Harden on the defensive aspects, Harden performance is not very good in my opinion, the Rockets can trade Harden, then exchange for some chips, used to deepen the depth of the squad, but also can exchange for some high rank future draft picks. clouds

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