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Using Natural Stone Cladding to Better the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Stone cladding significantly adds to the beauty of a steel or concrete property nevertheless is really nothing more than a slim coating of rock, possibly genuine or simulated, that is used on your building. Also known as stack stone, this product has several advantages which must be taken into account before it is used at the time of assembly. The cost of building drops significantly, stone cladding works extremely well with walls presently installed and it’s organic and thus does not lose its colour or even deteriorate easily. On account of the number of types and shades on the market, finding one which suits you precisely is extremely effortless to do.

Natural stone cladding is less expensive than building a rock wall membrane from the ground up. What’s more, this type of cladding weighs less, helping contractors save on delivery expenses and it’s surprisingly easy to fit. Making use of natural stone instead of cladding allows for much easier installation likewise. When you decide to utilize natural stone, you will probably need a professional to do the work. Stone cladding is much easier to put in and it can also be trimmed in the configuration required. Natural stone cladding can be used anywhere you want to, perhaps upon current wall surfaces, which is not the way it is using natural stone and, since natural stone or veneers are used, the home looks perfect for years into the future. Since you can obtain this product in virtually any shape, you’ll find one that blends in with your home beautifully. Look into stone cladding right now as it may end up being precisely what you’ll need for your property or home.

Sexual Harassment Complaint Gets Ashley Fired

Ashley had been working at a phone provider store branch as a customer service representative. A new model of a popular phone had recently been released and they were experiencing an influx of customers to upgrade to the phone. The store kept floor models of all the phones they carried so that customers could get a hands-on look at the specs and features. Sean, one of the other customer service representatives, was typically scheduled at the same time as Ashley. Although she maintained a friendly work relationship with Sean, she didn’t really like him as a person since he seemed to be a creep. One day, Ashley noticed a large group of kids huddled around a floor phone. She went over to ask if they needed any help when she saw, to her horror, a picture taken up a girl’s skirt. She quickly diverted the group of kids away. She grabbed the phone and flipped through the pictures and realized many of the sexual pictures were of her female co-workers as she recognized the khaki color skirt. She brought the phone to her manager, Roger, to show him that someone had been taking inappropriate pictures. Ashley assumed it had been a customer at first but then realized it had to have been a co-worker. She immediately thought of Sean and brought her concern to Roger. Roger was not confrontational and did not want to upset Sean just in case it was not him. Roger conducted no investigation despite Ashley’s numerous written and verbal complaints ( Finally, after months of no corrective action or investigation, she contacted a sexual harassment lawyer.