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Another reform has been the abolition in many provinces with the guest passenger rule.  Under that rule a non-paying passenger in the private automobile cannot recover in tort against the driver unless there was clearly proof of gross negligence.

Clearly, the removal of this rule has increased the number of claimants who may now recover in tort. All these developments improved the probabilities that an innocent victim of an automobile accident will be compensated at least to some extent. But there still must be a proof of fault and, in most cases, the defendant had to have liability insurance.  To pursue further the compensation goal of tort law because it applied to motor vehicle collisions, provinces instituted incentives to induce owners of automobiles to buy liability insurance.

These were the so-called Financial Responsibility Laws which required proof by any motorist in charge of an accident, she could pay, by insurance or otherwise, any damages resulting. If proof wasn’t forthcoming, penalties followed. Fund that payments were made to victims whose losses and injuries have been caused by uninsured or unidentified motorists.  This basic concept was copied by all of the other provinces. The funds were created up of contributions by those that, upon registering their vehicles, chose to not buy liability insurance.

This was not just a form of insurance for they because, threatened by of the loss of their driving privileges, they were required to reimburse the fund for almost any losses they caused.

Consumer tips on car insurance in TexasNot pleased with financial responsibility laws as a method of encouraging the provision of insurance to cover judgments, all provinces have recently resorted to regimes of compulsory automobile insurance.  If you need more info, click here. Accordingly, it’s a criminal offence with an uninsured car to be operated on public highways. Registrants of motor vehicles are required to provide specifics of insurance when obtaining licenses or renewals of licenses for his or her vehicles and cops routinely demand evidence of insurance when a motorist is stopped for reasons unknown.

Offenders are prone to pay heavy fines.  Special arrangements are created to provide pay for high-risk applicants. This all is clearly built to protect victims (instead of insured defendants). It really is, in short, a kind of compensation plan.

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