Buying car insurance for drivers of commercial trucks

Commercial truck drivers have a special need for car insurance. They drive expensive vehicles, valuable cargo, for long hours. Fatigue and boredom can easily kick in and cause a truck driver to be at a higher risk for accidents. They also have a higher rate of problems such as tire blowouts. Lastly, the trucks or their cargo are often stolen by people. It is, therefore, important to understand both the different types that are available and what the commercial truck insurance offers.

Different Types of Truck Insurance

There are many different types of insurance coverage out there. Commercial trucks typically require coverage such as cargo and trailer insurance, and liability coverage. These policies are different than the ones you would purchase for a standard vehicle. For one, commercial trucks need much higher amounts of coverage because the trucks, and their contents, have a much higher value than a standard car would. Insurance for a commercial big truck has to cover the trailer while it is in operation but also when it is not being operated, or while a truck is operating without a trailer. Because it is determined by the value of the cargo that is being transported by the driver commercial truck insurance can often be very expensive.

Some other types of insurance you may encounter include:

  • Body Injury and Property Damage, or BIPD insurance. This type of insurance is sometimes called primary liability insurance. It protects a truck driver if he or she is injured in an accident. This type of coverage can also protect a driver and the carrier from any damages incurred in an accident.
  • Second, there is Leased Operator Insurance. This type of insurance coverage is for truck operators who are leasing a truck from a motor carrier. The amount stated in the lease agreement is the amount of insurance coverage required.
  • Then, there is Cargo Insurance. Cargo insurance covers the value of the cargo your truck is carrying. This amount will obviously vary, depending on the load you are carrying.
  • Another type of insurance is Trailer Insurance, which simply covers any equipment in the case of an accident.
  • Finally, there is Bobtail insurance. Bobtail insurance coverage is used for the tractor when it is being used without a trailer.

As you can see, commercial truck insurance is more complicated than standard car insurance. It is necessary to discuss with your employer, and your insurance agency, the specifics of your situation so that you are adequately covered no matter the situation.

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