Looking at cheap auto insurance and company ratings

With most insurance companies there are things that set them apart from other companies that may appear similar. It is also true that an insurance company is not necessarily a good one just because it claims to offer the lowest rates. You want cheap auto insurance from a reputable insurance company. And you can get that by reviewing a company’s ratings. Many agencies, including JD Power and Associates, provide annual lists of the top insurance companies based on several factors.

Coverage Provided

Getting the coverage you need is important. You want sufficient coverage but you do not want to pay for coverage you do not need. An insurance company that always seems to be pushing an upgraded policy on you can be a nuisance. You want your insurance provider to provide information but leave the decision making up to you.

Premium Rates

The competitiveness of the rates is tied with the coverage that is provided. A cheaper auto insurance is not always a better insurance. Low rates are ideal but what you really want is the best value for your money. This means you have to consider the amount of coverage you are getting for the amount of money you spend. You should also take the deductible into consideration. A low rate is great but if your deductible is too high, you may face a financial hardship if you are involved in an accident.

Claims Processing

This factor focuses on the ease at which claims are processed as well as how long it takes for a claim to be approved. Insurance companies that make it easy to submit claims get ranked higher. Most insurance providers now have online claim processing centers. Not only is the claim process faster, but it is more convenient.

Value-Added Services

Complimentary services such as free roadside assistance or free rentals are important to many drivers. These services may not be offered by every insurance provider. Or, you may only get these benefits if you purchase a certain level of coverage.

Customer Service

You want to be able to speak to a company representative when needed. A company that provides 24-hour service may be ideal as long as representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. You might want a company that has a strong online presence with representatives ready to chat with you.

An insurance company’s reputation will impact your insurance experience. You can still get cheap auto insurance that includes good coverage by reviewing a company’s ratings. To review individual auto insurance companies, check out Standard and Poor’s ratings.

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