The psychological impact of promotional items

The role of promotional products in the marketing mix can not be underestimated because of the effectiveness of the gifts. For example it’s possible to use business gifts for introducing a new product or service. Yet why are business gifts But then the question remains, why are business gifts so effective? The key to their success lies in their psychological impact.

Giving business gifts to your clients (werbeartikel)

Promotional products and business gifts are, as their name suggests, gifts. Business gifts that recipients can make practical use of, are extremely popular and a great way to create word-of-mouth advertising, and also increase your brand recognition, which means that you reach a bigger number of prospective clients.

Furthermore, when the business gift or promotional product is printed with the logo or slogan the receiver will be constantly linked to the brand or company who gave the gift to them each time the use the product .

In other words, promotional items and business gifts are the way of promoting your company, it’s a smart investment for companies who want (for example) to launch a new product or service. Moreover, you can use them to boost sales during slower periods. So don’t hesitate with implementing promotional products in your marketingmix.

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