Going online to get free auto insurance quotes

In the past, you had to call an insurance company and schedule an appointment with an agent to get car insurance. Not only was this time consuming, but it was also a hassle if you decided not to buy a policy from that agent. They would continue to call you to get you to buy insurance through their company. Now you can get free auto insurance quotes online in two ways.

Looking at websites for insurance companies

You can visit the websites of major insurance providers and ask for quotes. It is recommended you get at least three quotes from separate providers to compare coverage and price options. This requires you to visit their individual websites and request quotes from each company. You then need to compare the offers made by each.

Although better than meeting with agents in person, this process is still cumbersome. It is also a rather inefficient way to spend your time. It takes time to visit each site. You will likely be required to submit different information to get the quotes. And the response time can vary by insurance company so you may not be able to immediately compare quotes.

Comparison sites for auto insurance quotes

You can save time and money by using this type of site. At one site, you get quotes from as many as a dozen insurance companies. You provide general information such as gender, age, location, and type of vehicle to get started. Quotes are available 24-hours a day. And you get all quotes at the same time for immediate comparison.

When it comes to comparison sites, it is important you determine their legitimacy from the start. You should never have to pay to get quotes. Detailed personal information should only be requested by the insurance company whose quote you select. Never provide this data to the comparison site directly. Finally, if you do not recognize the insurance brands being offered, it is recommended you find another comparison site to use. Getting free auto insurance quotes is simple. There are several ways to get these quotes online at your convenience. You no longer have to worry about contacting an insurance company during business hours when you can get free auto insurance quotes online.

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