Options for high-risk drivers to get adequate insurance coverage

If you are reading this post, you must have been designated a high-risk driver due to this or that factor. You may have too many tickets or been caught driving without insurance. Drivers with DUIs/DWIs are labeled as high-risk by insurance companies. Being a new and young driver can place you in this category. Having this label makes it challenging to find cheap auto insurance. but all it takes a bit of knowledge about the insurance industry and a great quote comparison site. You can actually find a good policy without ever leaving your home.

Shop online, find a company targeting high-risk drivers

Comparison shopping is the fastest way for high-risk drivers to find affordable auto insurance coverage . You should know if you are considered a high-risk driver before requesting quotes. Online quote comparison sites can quickly provide you with competitive offers from reputable insurance providers in your area. There are insurance companies that specifically target high-risk drivers. If you select a quote from a lesser known insurance company, take the time to review the company’s ratings so you are confident you are getting a policy from a reliable provider.

Improve your driving record

There are actions you can take to minimize your perceived future risk to insurance companies. Begin by working to improve your driving record. Avoid further tickets and driving violations. It can take as long as three years to clear your record of certain black marks. Taking a remedial driver education class can help you get lower rates. Spending less time on the road can significantly lower your risk level. Even improving your credit score makes you a better candidate for cheap auto insurance.

Check SR-22 Insurance requirements

If you are labeled a high-risk driver, you must meet SR-22 insurance requirements. This is simply verification submitted to your state’s motor vehicle department confirming your compliance with legal requirements for having insurance. Not all insurance companies provide this service so you may have to find one that has been approved by your state to offer SR-22. Never permit your insurance coverage to lapse. If for any reason this occurs, your insurance company is required by law to report such to the state. It is your responsibility to notify the state if you switch providers or get a new policy. Now you see getting cheap auto insurance is possible even for drivers designated high-risk ones.

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