Understanding Your Rights As Explained By Your Consumer Protection Attorney

With a Consumer Protection Attorney, you have assist in filing a claim after a consumer rights violation. These claims relate to products that are defective, fail to perform as advertise, or use has resulted in a personal injury. With the help of your attorney you will file a claim against the manufacturer who created the product initially to seek damages for falsehood in advertising or after you have sustained an injury. To hire an attorney to represent you in a consumer right’s case, contact the Chanler Group.

How You are Protected as a Consumer

As a consumer, you have right as detailed in several acts enacted by the United States government. Under these laws and acts, manufacturer cannot present faulty products to consumers without violating their rights. As outlined in these laws, the consumer may file a lawsuit against manufacturers who present lies in relation to the manner in which the product performs. At any time that a manufacturer releases an advertisement making claims about the product which prove to be false through consumer usage, the Consumer Protection Agency can launch an investigation and all consumers who purchased the product have the right to file a legal claim against them.

Local Consumer Rights Lawyer

The Chanler Group provides you with an effective consumer rights lawyer who will fight for these rights in court. Through diligent legal services, these attorneys assist you in acquiring monetary compensation for your injuries or disillusion caused for false statements presented to the public by the manufacturer. In these cases, the attorney not only represent the rights of their client as a consumer but all consumers who have fallen victim to this injustice. To discuss your case with an attorney, you may contact the Chanler Group via the contact information presented on their website at Chanler.com.


Consumer rights are protected through several acts of legislation. These laws, regulations, and standards were enacted to prevent manufacturers from ripping off consumers by providing products that fail to meet the consumer’s expectations. These expectations are derived from the initial impression of the product on the consumer after view advertisements which present outright lies about the product’s performance. When these events occur they are a direct violation of the legislation offered to protect consumers and place the manufacturer in legally actionable territory. To learn more about your rights as a consumer, contact the Chanler Group.

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