Get Help with Your Headaches

Headaches are something no one wants to have to deal with. Unfortunately, many people suffer with headaches and even migraines. This can cause you to be unable to work and participate in the activities you are used to. Along with the headache, you will often suffer with nausea, sensitivity to light and nausea. To find relief, many people seek treatment from their doctors and end up being given pain medication prescriptions to stop their headaches. While these medications can help to some degree, they only provide temporary relief. To find true relief, the cause of the pain needs to be found and treated. Often, the cause of headaches stems from the body being unable to function properly. For many, the cause of this dysfunction is a blockage in one of the meridian channels in the body.

Why are Blockages in the Meridian Points a Cause for Concern?

Meridian blockages cause the life flow of energy, also called qi, to become interrupted. This interruption causes the body to become weak and unable to fight off illnesses and disease. One of the biggest signs of disease in the body is the presence of pain. Pain is a warning sign sent by the body, to inform you of something being wrong. The problem with most people is these warning signs have become corrupted through the use of pain medications. Instead of covering the pain signals, it is best to treat the body and allow it to be able to function properly again.

Through the use of acupuncture needles, the acupuncturist can help to unblock these meridians so your qi can begin flowing properly again. For many people, this stops the pain and gives them great relief. Many people are able to find immediate relief from their symptoms. With ongoing treatment, many are able to overcome their dependence on pain medications and find they experience more pain-free days than headaches.

If you are suffering with chronic headaches and even migraine headaches, contact acupuncture Fullerton clinics and get the treatments you need, to allow your body to begin to heal and the pain to stop.

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