Tiny piglets…as pets?

I love animals. Almost any animal, actually. Cats are my favorite; my family has had pet cats my entire life. I only have one now, but I’ve had her for 13 years, and I love her to pieces. My roommates have a cat and a dog, and my boyfriend has a dog, so there are plenty of cute animals in my life. My roommates’ and my boyfriends’ dogs are cute, but they’re too small. If I get a dog, I want a real dog–a German shepherd or great Dane. To each his own, I guess. Some people like small dogs, and some like big ones. Some prefer strange animals, and I’m no different. I love iguanas and turtles, and while I love birds, I’d never have one captive.

So while I love animals of all kinds (except cockroaches and spiders, ew), I was surprised to learn that a good friend of mine wants a teacup pig. One of those beady-eyed, potbellied little hairless squealers. I always thought teacup pigs were hideous. So ugly they’re cute, I guess. miniature pigs are only cuter than regular pigs because of their size. Have you ever seen a regular pig? They’re disgusting, and terrifying. They’re way too big to be anywhere outside farms. That movie “Babe”? An outright lie. Pigs are just not cute, and miniature pigs are just downsized ugly.

Now, I’m not one of those people who thinks that something should be treated poorly just because it’s not cute. The plight of factory farmed chickens makes me ill, and few people would say chickens are cute (though the chicks are adorable, and chickens do make good pets). I would never willingly harm an animal (spider casualties of war notwithstanding), and everyone has their own tastes. So while I’d never own a designer teacup pig, I’m not going to judge someone who does.

However, a caveat: teacup pigs are a HUGE responsibility. More than a dog, less than a kid. They’re so intelligent that they need constant companionship for the first few years of their lives. If you’re not willing to get them a buddy pig, that’s going to have to be you.

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