Great Logo Design for Small Business

I just became part-owner of a business that my good friend started almost a year ago. I am hoping that I will help to turn the business around and turn more of a profit. I have always thought that he had a good business idea, but that the execution was lacking. I really think I can make some good changes to improve sales and one thing that I am looking to do right now is to find a logo design company that focuses on creating logos for small business, so that I can have a new logo created for this company.

The logo that is in use right now is very generic and it is not very memorable at all. As such, the business might be better off not even having a logo, compared to having such a generic one. I am going to try to make sure that the new logo is at least one hundred times better, but that might not be very hard to accomplish, considering the quite poor quality of the old logo.

I want to find a company that done a lot of logo design work for small businesses before in the past, because it would be nice to work with someone who is used to working with the demands and desires of a small business, as opposed to maybe a company that works more with large businesses. I am not sure what the new logo should look like, but I think that I will know if the logo is good or not when I see it. As such, before I approve any design for a logo for the company, I would like to have a rough sketch of it submitted to me. I think that is a good way to make sure that I end up with a logo I am happy with.

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